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Basement Replacement/Restoration
Replacing the basement in your home is a great way to increase square footage,livable space and value of your home. Many times a customer has an older home with a cracking, crumbling, or damp basement, but usually have made many exterior and interior improvements to the home. That is when we come in and support the  home while a new basement is built underneath
Building and House Moving
Spencer Heavy Movers offers a wide range of heavy moving services. Our moving experience includes such structures as large brick homes, huge commercial buildings, and many smaller projects as well. Many times you will find moving your structure is a more economical option when compared to the cost of new construction.


Rigging Service
In addition to our building and house moving services, we also offer rigging. Rigging involves moving heavy equipment such as large generators, engines, and other heavy specialized commercial equipment.
Floor Leveling/Shoring
A lot of older homes have saggy and sloping floors which is caused by deterioration of the old wood beams that support the house. We offer to replace your old wood beams/posts with engineered steel beams and heavy duty custom fabricated steel posts. Steel beams gives you options to span  larger distances creating more open space and a peace of mind that you will not have to deal with issue again in your lifetime.
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